Pressed Concrete Applications

The common name of the floor covering system that can be used in every place is pressed concrete. Thanks to the fact that it can be applied in different colors and patterns, printing concrete can be realized according to the needs. It is highly durable and suitable for long-term use.

Thanks to the wide range of options, it can be made to suit all tastes. It is available for immediate use thanks to its shorter application time compared to other systems.

What is Pressed Concrete?

It is a floor coating system that always manages to preserve its color. Thanks to the improved resistance of the color pigments in it against harmful rays, it can maintain its appearance on the first day. In addition to its durability, it offers endless options with color alternatives and the ability to make any desired design.

How Is Pressed Concrete Application Made?

First of all, the floor is thoroughly cleaned and made ready before the press concrete is made. All old concrete, grass, stone and raw soil should be removed. It is more comfortable to adjust the jerseys after the necessary ground has been created for the application of the stamped concrete. Field work begins with the selection of molds according to the stamped concrete design to be applied. The jerseys are removed from the area they are in after the concrete is poured by being attached with metal or wooden piles. It is important to give the slope necessary for drainage. Molds can be preferred in the stamped concrete method, which is frequently used for shaping floors. Each mold brings a different appearance in itself, and also determines how the floor will look after the process.