Exterior Applications

It looks more aesthetic with paint-sheathing-like exterior applications in working and living areas such as houses, offices, apartments, sites. These applications, which stand out within the scope of the innovative approach, are among the determining factors that change the image in renovation and renovation. Innovative methods emerge when the decision is made to renovate the exterior. For example, when the exterior color cannot be selected, it is possible to decide what color the building will be in the digital environment with virtual paint applications. With Varna Yapı, everything is solved in a practical system. You can renew the building you live or work in with paint, sheathing, insulation, decorative jamb applications. So, what are the exterior applications? Here are the details;

Decorative Jamb

Decorative jamb is a building application that we are familiar with, but whose name is not yet known. The works applied on the edges of windows and doors and attracting attention with their decorative appearance are called jambs. Decorative jamb is an elegant building application that shows both aesthetic and sound - heat insulation properties and is an innovative work product.


Sheathing, which increases the material and moral value of the buildings, gives a brand new look when completed with good workmanship. With the broad vision of Varna Yapı, sheathing works have been used for many years without losing their aesthetics. Offering customer-specific solutions, Var Yapı offers an innovative quality in jacketing.

Thermal insulation

Sound, roof, water and terrace insulation, especially thermal insulation, increases the quality of living spaces. Thermal insulation is of vital importance among exterior applications. An insulated structure offers high energy savings and increases indoor comfort.

Facade Paint

Exterior paint supports innovation in home, office, villa, apartment and site maintenance. Thanks to the advanced color chart and technology, the desired color can be obtained. Varna Yapı offers its customers the opportunity to preview their exterior paint requests with virtual painting applications.

Varna Construction Difference in Exterior Applications

Varna Yapı, as an innovative name in the sector, serves with an advanced perspective in all old and new buildings. Showing its difference in façade applications, Varna Yapı takes steps in the focus of satisfaction and provides unique services with its customer-specific solutions. Paint, insulation, sheathing, renovation, repair and roof systems are solved just in time with the well-equipped team of Varna Yapı. Before you have an exterior application, you can contact us to see what your options are and to get information about the price.